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Wellness pool

Our spa facilities were expanded in 2015 by wellness experience! At the outdoor swimming pool 120 m2 area (6x20 meters) is provided for swimmers, while right next to it adventure elements were installed on nearly 60m2.

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Back massagers of alternating intervals and at varying intensity working with high-pressure water mixed with air providing a bubble bath effect and at the same time the neck massagers can pamper two people at the same time.

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In order to create the most comfortable conditions possible the pool was a given a transparent polycarbonate cover with a light metal frame. It offers almost hermetically sealed environment in windy and cool, or rainy weather and protects the guest inside from catching as cold, ear infections, etc. In sunny, windless periods, the side panels can be slid up more than two meters high, so the pool is almost 100% transparent. The covering bears significance from the aspects of hygiene, too! It greatly contributes to the high quality of the water because hardly any external contaminants (dust, leaves, bird feathers, etc), can get into the pool!


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The water temperature in warmer seasons is 28-30 ° C. We make special efforts to provide swimming temperature of 25-27 °C in cooler, or specifically cold months of the year, too. This, however, depends on the weather! The heating is provided by the effluent 35-37 °C, purified medicinal water from the inside pools.