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Salt room

What is the good of the salt room, and who it is recommended for?

Salt therapy is recommended almost for everybody since it is highly effective for treating people with respiratory diseases, and it is also useful for healthy people as it enhances stamina and load bearing capacity.

salt room

If you are a smoker, or if you live in a polluted city, regular salt therapy offers you a relief against the adverse effects of the pollution on your lungs. This special treatment demonstrates the most obvious improvement in patients with allergies and asthma and it appears to be a great help in the cure of croup, hay fever, bronchitis, sinusitis, inflammation of the ear and vocal cord, whoop and other inflammatory respiratory illnesses. Moreover, in contrast with medicines, it has no side effects.

Salt cleans lungs and bronchial tubes as well as helps phlegm loosen and it dissolves and softens mucus in lungs. The regular use of the salt room relieves concentrating and sleeping disorders which result from stressful lifestyle. Due to the antibacterial effect salt also useful in the treatment of skin disorders, in addition, salt hydrates hair and skin due to its water-binding properties.

The main point of the salt therapy is that the tiny active ingredients get to the most hidden parts in the lungs; to the bronchioles, adhere to the pollutants there and then they are cleared out of the organism.

In fact, it is something like as if you gave through cleaning to your lungs. The time spent in the salt room compares well with one day spent on the beach!

While using the salt room you can relax and no matter how much time you spend in the salt room, however, around 45 to 50 minutes would be ideal. You should know that it is not a heal-all affecting in a wink, but considerable results may be achieved with its regular and scheduled use.

Please avoid damaging the salt crystals and do not touch the evaporator. Thank you.