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Therapy in Hévíz,
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Medicinal services

Our traditional therapies are the combinations of the following treatments:

Thermal Bath

Based on previous medicinal examination our guests are suggested to spend a certain amount of time in our thermal water. At an occasion max 30-40 minutes is advisory.

Mud pack

For our treatments, we use the precious mud of the Thermal Lake of Hévíz which consists of 80% inorganic and 20% organic matter.

Sulphur pack

We use sulphur pack in a wet condition. Sulphur plays an important role in the health of diarthroses (joints), thus sulphur packs heal rheumatic pains.

Weight bath

It was Hotel Aquamarin where the first weight bath was introduced by Dr. Károly Moll. The aim of the treatment is to displace the vertebras, thus stretching the back bone and enabling the restoring of the original, healthy condition of the vertebral disks.

Healing massage

Healing massage is one of the main elements of traditional therapies. A short bath in the thermal water before the treatment is generally beneficial as it relaxes the soft tissues. The healing massage aims to improve circulation and soften muscle tissues.


Underwater-massage. We use the mechanical effect of intensive water streams to soften tissues and improve circulation.

Electrotherapy treatment

Electrotherapy treatment is the achievement of modern technology which expressively enhances healing, especially in the case of ligament injuries.

Transcutan Electric Nerve Stimulation (TENS)

A pad is placed upon the site of the problematic area and an electric current passes through the skin to the nerves. The effect of the treatment results in a pain killing effect.

Ultrasound treatment

Vibration causes histic massage which helps to treat stiffened muscles and calcification.


Intake of medicines with the help of ultra sound.

Diadynamic stimulus current

This treatment uses a special type of electric current used for relieving pain and the improvement of circulation. It also has an analgesic effect, which helps to reduce the inflammation.


Intake of medicines with galvanic current which helps to reduce rheumatic and arthritic pains.


Special current forms which are paregoric and have excellent deep tissue effect.

Selective current treatment

Causes muscle contraction to stimulate damaged muscles. Heals muscular atrophy.

Medicinal exercise

One of the most basic treatments in the case of locomotive, circulatory and respiratory diseases which cannot be replaced by other physical therapies. Skilled physiotherapists lead individual and group exercises.


Helps to refill the magnetic power of the cells thus improves the metabolism and the self-recovery ability of cells. Used in the case of myasthenia, stiffened muscles and after-care of injuries.


Infra-red and UV radiation treatment targets local circulation which has the effect of relieving pain. It is applied in cases of intercostal and occipital neuralgia, and inflammations of the ears and nose and its accessory cavities.