Hotel Aquamarin★★★ - 8380 Hévíz Honvéd u. 14.
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Medicinal services

The first bathhouse was established back in 1795 by count György Festetics. He had practical reasons in his mind as he could not foresee the popularity of natural cures in the 21th century. If you would like to enjoy the benefits of nature, just visit us in Hévíz, in a beautiful Mediterranean town near Lake Balaton.

Hotel Aquamarin is set on a 5-acre landscaped area, in a secluded quarter of Hévíz, within a 5-minute walking distance of the centre. The hotel has its own deep bore well which produces 200 litres of water per minute from 117.9 metres depth.

The 41-42 °C water is rich in sulphur. The hotel features an outdoor hydrotherapy pool (160 m2) and two indoor thermal pools. The outdoor pool filled with its ca. 25 °C thermal water can be enjoyed all year round.

In case of the following healthy problems the bathe cure is not recommended (contraindications):

  • malignant tumors (not even after a successful operation)
  • decompensated heart failure
  • after infarction (heart attack)
  • inflammatory diseases (e.g.: phlebitis)
  • infectious diseases (Hepatitis, pneumonia)
  • Leukemia and other hematopoietic diseases
  • asthma
  • sudden fainting fits (e.g. Epilepsy, Adams-Stokes syndrome)
  • extended open wound
  • untreated hyperfunction of the thyroid
  • pregnancy

Water composition

Cations mg/lAnions mg/l 
Potassium 7,8 Chloride 25 Meta-boric  acid 0,12
Sodium 28 Bromide 0,14 Silicic 33
Ammonium 0,33 Jodide 0,02 Free carbon dioxide 129
Calcium 83 Fluoride 1,3
Magnesium 28,1 Sulphate 45  
Iron 0,2 Hydrogen carbonate 378  
  Sulphide 6,1  
Kationen insgesamt 147,43 Anions in total 455,56